Which Workouts Get You Lean and Ripped?

Gone are the days where spending long hours in the gym is encouraged or considered a necessity for building your body.  Times have changed and busy people are not prepared to carve out a defined shape one bicep curl at a time.  Training and exercising in the current environment is all about getting the fastest results in the shortest period.

For this reason, the most popular training programs are those that have workouts that get you lean and ripped, can be accessed at any time, and can be utilized in the home when going to the gym is not an option.

Workouts for Fast Results

Fast results workouts are the ones that have the most effect, but they do require you to work harder and smarter in order to achieve that break through to the lean and ripped appearance.  Obviously we’re not talking about overnight here, but a consistent effort over a 90 day period using the right techniques is considered a great result, and 12 weeks is the period that most of these programs promote for being achievable.

The best workouts that get you lean and ripped are those that engage the use of very high intensity effort with a mix of correct form, strength and aerobic activity, and minimal rest periods in between movements.  Higher intensity workouts keep metabolism levels elevated for longer periods of time following the training, and this in turn helps to burn more calories and reduce levels of body fat.

These high intensity workouts also encourage the use of several muscle groups at one time, make use of body weight resistance, and compound training like squats and pull-ups. They advocate mixing up the routines over several weeks to prevent the body from becoming comfortable and reaching unmovable plateaus.

What Programs Are Available For This?

If you were to do a general search online for workouts that get you lean and ripped, the returned results reveals a significant number of programs showing impressive outcomes from those using the high-intensity and interval training model.

Shin Ohtake’s Max Workouts program is one in particular that is receiving a lot of attention, with its emphasis on fast body fat loss and rapidly increased muscle mass for that toned, lean, and well defined body shape.  It’s a program that removes the confusion and misinformation that exists on the topic, and provides detailed instructions that show anyone how they can achieve a lean and ripped physique through consistency with Shin’s circuit, strength and high intensity workout plan.

As with any workouts that get you lean and ripped, they can only deliver when used in conjunction with an appropriate nutrition plan that has nothing to do with fad diets of any kind.  They must also show you the correct meal requirements to support the intensity of your workouts to ensure the necessary recovery.

Max Workouts lives up to this challenge by minimizing the effort needed to control calories.  It will show you how to eat sensibly and promote strength from the ‘inside’, helping to almost auto-pilot the fat burning process while working out.

What’s Next For You?

Workouts that get you lean and ripped can only do so with the correct training and nutrition plans that support progress through short but intense physical exercises.  If you are a time-dependent person with your workout routines, then you are unlikely to experience the cut and ripped appearance, at least in the same time period, as you would if you were intensity dependent. Mind you, this program was developed for all ages and with both men and women in mind. So no matter your age or gender, this is a great place to start, or take your fitness to a higher level.

If the ripped look is what you are hoping to achieve, there are several online training programs that advocate short interval, high impact routines.  The master of proven results however, is the Max Workouts program that will shape your total body to your desired look.  You just have to put in the work to achieve it.