My Wonder Core Smart Review Keeps It Real

Let’s be real, everyone wants a set of toned, washboard tight abs to show off. If someone tells you otherwise, they are lying to you.

Unfortunately for many of us, that coveted six pack is as elusive as ever; and we hop from one workout to another or cycle through miracle pills and ab machines hoping to strike luck on something that actually delivers on its promise.

In this brutally honest Wonder Core Review, I reveal the truth about this ab workout machine to help you determine if it’s the best investment to make before shelling-out the dough.

We will discuss everything you need to know to make the most informed decision possible and I provide you with alternatives should the Wonder Core System turn out to be something other than what you are looking for.

Is This Just Another Generic Ab Machine?

The Wonder Core Smart ab machine promises to be unlike anything else available on the market. It is packed into a tidy design that is foldable, easy to store, and easy to use. The great thing about the machine is that you can work out in very small spaces and it saves you time from running to the gym.

Just unfold, pop-in the workout DVD, and go. That’s it.

How Can This System Help You Build A Lean Core?

The program is pretty straight forward. The included 35 minute workout DVD has 2 sessions that lead you through a series of exercises designed to strengthen and tone your core. The workouts are based on standard exercises that most of you will be familiar with such as:

  • Crunches
  • Push-ups
  • Bridges
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Forearm and Biceps
  • Triceps extensions
  • Ab Tucks
  • Bicycling

As I mentioned earlier, getting into the workouts is quite easy; pull-out the machine, pop-in the DVD, set the resistance to the desired level, and follow along for just 35 minutes. The company promises that following these routines and their diet guide, people will see noticeable improvement in muscle tone and fat loss.

What Is Included With This Abs Machine?

You get more than just the workout machine, it comes bundled with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Wonder Core Smart System
  • 2 35 minute workout DVDs
  • An Anti-slip Mat
  • Exercise and Nutrition Guide
  • User Manual

How Much Does It Cost?

The system can only be purchased online for the price of 5 payments of $19.95 each plus a processing fee of $14.95 that includes shipping. Buyers also have the choice of making a one-time payment of $99.75 plus the $14.95 processing fee.

This won’t save you any cash, but they give you the option to buy now or pay over five months. There is also a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, but this applies only to the base price. You will be out-of-pocket the processing fee and whatever it costs for you to box it up and return it.

What Are The Pros And Cons?

I’ve summarized the pros and cons of the Wonder Core Smart for you here. Overall, I find the cons of this product to far out-weigh the pros. This list is not exhaustive, but it does cover what I consider the best and worst features and benefits of the product including its materials.


  • No assembly required. This is nice as many product require you to fiddle with them after unboxing.
  • Foldable for easy storage. Tuck it under a bed. Hide it anywhere.
  • Easy for beginners to use.
  • Can be used at home in small spaces.


  • All of the exercises this machine focuses on can be done free without the need of a machine.
  • Gimmick features. The products greatest feature, the adjustable resistance dial, is a joke.
  • Lackluster diet program. The diet program gets only a faint mention in the infomercial videos and product website. The manufactured spends zero time talking about this critical aspect of a fitness program. You will be hard-pressed to out exercise a poor diet.
  • Weak workout system. Doing core exercises like these 35 minutes at a time throughout the week is an absurd waste of your time. The manufacturer touts: “double the workout in half the time”. The only time I’ve experienced this statement to be true is during high intensity interval training (cardio and resistance training). The exercises in this program won’t get you even close.

 Does The Wonder Core Smart System Really Work?

I can’t say that this system is an effective use of time. Just take a look at the video and pictures where someone is doing push-ups with the system below them. The person basically uses their bodyweight to “push” the arms down with their body. Then on the way up, the machine assists back into place by helping lift them up. THIS totally defeats the purpose of a push-up.

Let’s take a look at the crunches. You sit back on the arms of the machine after dialing-in some resistance. You then lean back onto them to lower yourself to the floor. The Wonder Core Smart, helps (assist) you on the way back up. I’m sorry, but if you need assistance with a crunch, you should consult a physician before taking on any exercise program or using machines. This again, totally defeats the purpose of a crunch.

Let’s look at one more exercise: the Forearms and Biceps workout. The example shows a user with his body weight positioned over the arms. He then alternates each one, pushing them down and letting them go back into position. Left, right, left, right, over and over. Somewhat like a cat messing about with his paws.

When I saw this, I couldn’t help but lean forward, squint at the TV and think: “what the bleep is he doing”?

I then smiled and looked around the room…

I suddenly had a thought, that in that very moment, Ashton Kutcher would materialize out of thin air. I was certain I being “Punked” at that late hour.

wonder core smart system

Exercises So Easy A Cat Can Do It…

What’s The Bottom Line?

Easy abs in just 35 minutes? NO! The system is over-priced and over-hyped. Don’t be fooled by the dual resistance feature that works your muscles on the way up and down. That is something that can be accomplished by using body weight without a machine or by adding a trusty set of inexpensive dumbells to your routine.

There are no decent testimonials to show real results and the products like the anti-slip mat, the workout DVDs, and unpromising diet guide are little more than lures designed to make potential buyers believe they are getting a total package and lightening their wallet at the same time.

What’s Next For You?

Save yourself $114 dollars by eating well and do the exercises without the machine. There is just no need for it. You won’t be any better off spending your money on the Wonder Core Smart. However, if you are really prepared to take things further check out my review of Old School New Body. This program delivers way more than most programs available for about twenty bucks and you leave you feeling like you’ve been Punked.


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