Women’s Health

Women’s health is a big concern and opportunity to live longer and happier. We (men and women) share a lot of common health problems. However, women are special and have health concerns of their own to worry about.

What Makes Women’s Health Different Than Men’s?

Our lives have changed over the ages, ok centuries, and medical and health technology has had a big impact on that. But let’s be real, historically life has been tougher for women (sorry guys – that’s just how it is).

Women have had to contend with a multitude of dangers and hazards throughout time. Just think of the numerous challenges faced by becoming wives, mothers, and leaders among modern day times.

What Was Different Then?

It was not too long ago that the average women lived to age 50. That benchmark has been raised nearly 80% to 82 since the 1900s. This, fortunately continues to increase as advances are made in healthy living and modern medicine.

What Is Our Goal Here?

Our goal at Austin Emerging is to provide women a place to go where they can find answers to questions about topics that are important the them. We cover all topics from infertility, home remedies for yeast infections and how to boost your metabolism and reduce weight.

Topics Covered In This Category:

  • Fertility: Being healthy is not the only thing that could impact fertility. Here we discuss practical and holistic methods you can use to improve your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Weight Loss: Weight loss is a big concern of all of us, but so are things like unsightly cellulite. Find out how you can lose weight and get rid of cellulite at home without the need for unnecessary hassles such as surgery.
  • Yeast Infections: The silent enemy, Candida Albicans is not just a cause for concern. Not only does this nuisance cause irritation and make us uncomfortable, it can be down-right ruining your sex life. Find out how to control this monster with practical advice and remedies.

Women’s Health Articles