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Here you will find the latest fitness program reviews of fitness programs and home workouts. We thoroughly test each program, piece of equipment or system to the fullest extent.

You will not find any products listed here that have not been used either in part or in its entirety. It’s important to us to provide accurate reviews to help you steer clear of product scams or low value programs.

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Each program is rated on a 5-star scale with 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the top. Programs and products with a 5 rating are few and far between so you can rest assure that any falling into this scale are true gems and provide significant value and benefit to users who follow through with the program. Items that fall at the 2 or lower range should be avoided at all cost.

Ratings are determined by the quality of content, value for money, believe it or not, a fun factor. Its important that you enjoy any fitness challenge that you embark on. All too often, people fail or just give-up because a program or product are simply not engaging enough to keep them interested.

While we do our best to make each review honest and provide the most accurate ratings possible, it’s important to know that the reviews and ratings are based on our own opinion and outside of price, the results are qualitative in nature.

Therefor Your feedback is highly helpful to Austin Emerging and readers alike. So we keep comments are open for every article and we would love for you to leave feedback. Your own personal experience can help others decide what is best for them as well.

If there is ever something that you would like to have reviewed please be sure to either post in the comments section of any fitness product review or send us an email directly. We will make every effort possible to get a total review together for you.

We also do our best to review both mainstream and more off-the-beaten-path programs because sometimes we find comparable products with high value and lower prices. You can expect fitness program reviews of top products from well-known companies, such as Beach Body.

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You are in no way obligated to make a purchase through our links. In fact, Austin Emerging is not the seller of any product on this website. We promote products that have a high record of quality and consumer safety so that you can rest assured that refunds are guaranteed from the product producer or manufacturer.

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