Old School New Body Review – Does It Work?

I promise you, that my review of Old School New Body, is by far, the most accurate and complete assessment of the program on the planet. This is a long read, so sit back and really take the time to go through the entire article.

My goal is to provide you with the most in-depth information available so that you can determine if this program is the best fit for you and hopefully prevent you from wasting money.

If you are serious about getting in shape and read-on, this article will help. Otherwise click the back button and go on your merry way. I don’t want to waste the time of anyone who does not what to get in great shape and potentially knock years off their current look and feel.

Otherwise, if you are ready to take fitness to a higher level or just lose some stubborn fat, and or build lean muscle. Read on!

What Will You Learn From This Article?

This is a bit of a lengthy read, but I want to make sure that I answer as many of questions as a I possibly can to help you determine if Old School New Body (OSNB) is worth your time.  So before getting too far down the road, here is what will you will find:

  • Who are the authors
  • What is the program
  • What does it come with
  • What equipment is needed
  • Pros and Cons
  • How can you benefit

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Where Do We Go Wrong?

Let’s face it, working out at any age, whether you are in the 20s, 30s, or beyond can be pretty hard to stick with and see results. Not only do we have to deal with workouts, take care of our kids, find time with friends and family, work through injuries, or whatever. The amount of time we can find for working out can sometimes seem non existent.

The question is, how do you find a program that allows you the time to get in shape and stay that way?

There are a lot of programs out there that promise you the world without delivering what you really need:  An easy to follow plan that really works…

This Statement Might Push Your Buttons, But You Need To Hear It:

The problem is sorting through the pile junk out there and finding the ones that are worth your time and investment. I have to point out something though. The results someone can expect from any program are largely determined by how well that person follows the program itself. If you fail to follow through and commit to getting in shape, you will not achieve your desired outcomes. Period.

Stop Buying Things If You Aren’t Serious…

I just want to put that out there, because I see a lot of people spend money on something without ever opening the book and sticking to it. If you aren’t up for getting in great shape, and staying that way, then this program (or any for that matter) is not for you.

However, if you are serious about taking control of how you look and feel, stick around to find out how you can benefit from a program such as this. Before we get too far down the path, let’s take a short look at the people behind this workout series.

Who Are The People Behind This Program?

Author – Steve Holman (over 27 years of experience in fitness)

Depending on what interests you are into, you may have heard of Steve Holman. However, if the name does not ring a bell, he has been in the fitness (body building) industry forever and is pretty well known for his impeccable physique and knowledge of how to build a better body and stay young looking. At over 50 years of age, the former Iron Man Magazine Editor-in-chief, looks to be in as good of shape as ever.

His vast knowledge and experience in the industry makes him a very credible source and who brings extensive real world experience to the table when talking about nutrition, lifestyle, and physical fitness.

Co-Author – Becky Holman (over 10 years of experience)

No program would be complete without a female’s perspective and input. It seems a lot of the products that I review are geared toward one gender or another. A select few actually consider both and this is where Steve and Becky’s program differs from the rest of the crowd.

Becky is Steve’s wife and her experience and physique brings proof to the table (along with Steve‘s) that you can build a great body while literally defying age. They are real living proof of how capable this program is when you dedicate time and effort to see it through.

old school new body authors Steve and Becky Holman

The authors bring significant experience and are living proof of how effective this program is

What Is The Program About?

This program is about helping people build a stronger, leaner, more attractive body regardless of age or gender. While it is often thought that is a course for people over the age of 30, you will find this to be untrue. Anyone who is serious about getting in shape can benefit from its F4X workout methodology.

The F4X workout method is touted to be youth-enhancing and able to shape the body of men and women by building lean muscle and burning fat. I can hear what you are saying now; don’t all exercises do that?

Well, yes and no.

Like calories, not all exercises and exercise methods, for that matter, are created equal.

Does The F4X System Turn Fat Into Muscle?

In short, no it does not. You can’t turn fat into muscle despite what everyone says. However, lets take a look at the why someone might believe this. Take a look around a gym and it likely that you will see most people fit into one of two groups. One group is flinging very light weights and resting too long and the other is most likely pushing very heavy weights which stresses the body and has a high chance of leading to injury over time.

The F4X method used in the workout plan bridges this and calls for moderate weight instead of the typical light or heavy loads. The method also relies on short rest periods between sets which is supposed to release more growth hormones.

This triggers muscle building, fat loss, and an anti-aging cascade effect. The growth hormone decreases as you age, which is why many folks over 30 find it more difficult to achieve the same results as when they were younger.

Following the F4X methodology during your workouts, can provide a surge of growth hormone which will help you build lean muscle, perform better, and look better over time.

How Does This Work?

The method is pretty simple to follow. For any given exercise (with weights) pick a weight that you can lift for about 15 repetitions with good form. However, only do 10 reps for the first set. Rest 35 seconds, then do 10 more. Repeat this for the required number of sets (typically 4). On the last set, you will go all-out until you can’t perform another rep with good form.

This sounds pretty simple and on the surface it is. The first one to two sets are easy, but as you continue, fatigue ramps-up in the targeted muscles. On the last couple of sets, it will feel almost like a struggle as you begin to ache and feel the burn of lactic acid. You will also begin to breath more rapidly with a cardio effect. Blood will rush to your muscles for a full muscle pump.

With the F4X training method, you train your muscles for exceptional muscle-building and fat-burning effects.  This is what people often mistake for turning fat into muscle. What’s actually happening is that you are consuming fat for energy. In parallel, muscles are built with myofibular and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which is a natural result of lifting weights using the F4X protocol.

What’s In The Program?

old school new body workout book

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Now that we know who is behind the scenes and how the protocol basically works, let’s take a close look at everything included in the program. For about $20.00, you get a lot of information.

Certainly not more than you need and you won’t be overloaded, but the downloadable books are full of helpful fitness and nutrition information and workouts. The course is broken into a main book and five supplemental books to guide you.

The Main Course:

The F4X Youth Enhancing Body System: The main book is meant for both men and women and for people of all ages.

You can get started with a home gym set-up consisting of nothing more than dumbells and an adjustable bench. If you are an avid gym goer, then you will have way more equipment than you will ever need.

The main book is 101 pages of guidance that covers nutrition, the workout methods, workout schedules, exercise demonstrations, and a 3 phased approach workouts that can either be done on their own or as continuations as you get stronger.

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The Old school New Body Workout Phases:

F4X Lean Workout:

Dubbed: “Your 20-Minute Belly Fat Blow Torch“. This phase is the most entry level of the three where it is expected that you will need to work out only 90 minutes per week. Yes , just 90 minutes. That’s three 30 minute sessions  per week. People who are looking to trim down and start building lean muscle are encouraged to begin here. Doing so will prepare them for Phase 2 or 3 to improve their body composition and lean muscle development further.

F4X Shape Workout:

The Shape Phase could be considered a second step if you wanted to continue to sculpt your body and add a bit more muscle. The changes between Lean and Shape workout are pretty minor. The conditioning gained from the Lean phase combined with this makes it easy to move from one phase to next. If you are already in decent shape, you can also opt to start with the Shape phase itself.

F4X Build Workout:

If you want to be buff, without looking like you can hurl trucks, the Build Phase will get you there. This is where you can expect to add a significant amount of muscle to really take on that natural body builder look without the stereotypical bulky look. Think more along the lines of Captain America as opposed to The Hulk here.  If it helps, Spiderman and Cat Woman would fall into the Shape Phase.

That essentially covers the 3 basic phases. However, there is an Advanced Training Section that outlines how you can build some serious muscle. The workout here is based on bodybuilding legend Danny Padilla, who‘s density workouts are very similar to the F4X approach used in Old School.

Note for Women:

You are not going to get bulky following this program. Period. The fears of becoming a  behemoth are unfounded and take extreme training. This program is not about building bulky unattractive physiques. It’s about looking younger and performing at your peak.

What Are The Workouts Like?

I would love to give you everything, but I am betting I would get clobbered if I did. However, it’s only fair that I reveal a bit of one workout so that you have a good idea of what’s involved. The example workout below is from the Lean Phase.

Sample Workout:

Following the F4X method, perform the following

  1. Squats
  2. Incline Bench Press
  3. Bent-over Rows
  4. Dumbell Upright Rows

This simple workout is designed to work and train all of your major muscle groups in just 30 minutes. The F4X protocol is what makes these short workouts so effective at burning fat and toning your body. A lot of people think you have to spend hours in the gym working out to achieve a great body and reduce fat. That is simply not true.

Sample F4X Protocol Method

What Else Is Included with OSNB?

There are five supplemental books and reports that are included in the program. These are designed to help you get an edge on your training when start the workouts. Also, Steve and Becky are pretty serious when it comes to happiness and well being. They believe that being happy, feeling good, and looking good to be an essential part of staying healthy and fit. You have to feel good about yourself.


The Free Bonus Guides To Get You On The Right Track:

products included with old school new body

F4X Quick Start Guide:

This mini-book cuts to the chase and gets down to business. It gets you started with minimal time and includes workout sheets and the FX4 method in plain detail. No fuss here. Just open the guide, follow the instructions, and you are ready to go.

Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets:

The power of food and nutrients cannot be underestimated and this short 11 page book reveals little known facts about the food you eat. This will help you learn how to burn fat by eating the right foods. It also discusses the facts about alcohol and its impact on your fat burning efforts.

Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets:

This report was written to help people achieve a lean, healthy, muscular physique. Its packed with sensible tips and strategies to help you achieve a more youthful appearance and have a happier disposition of things.

Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets:

Sex is a driving force in animals and humans alike. But when we allow ourselves to subsist in a body in disrepair, sex is often impaired. Is this you? This guide was written to help individuals achieve a sexier disposition.

Ultimate ad Healthy Happiness Secrets:

Follow the simple steps inside to a more energetic, healthy, and happy life. Believe it or not, happiness is a choice. You chose your state of mind; it’s as simple as that. It depends on how you look at things and how you interpret the world. But frankly, if you want to be happy, just do it.

Buyers also receive access to $175 worth or interviews and audio from John Rowley. John is well known in the health and fitness industry and provides hours of inspirational and motivational audio to keep you on track.

It will be tough for you to find very many negative reviews out there since the customers of this program seem to be quite happy. The program is sold through ClickBank, for about $20 as I write this and includes everything above including a 60 Day 100% money back guarantee. This makes for a worry-free purchase.


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Old School New Body Pros and Cons:

There is a lot to this program but I will keep these lists short and to the point. The Pros tell exactly which key pieces of the program I like best. The Cons are what I don’t quite like, or think could be better.


  1. For about $20 you will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive program.
  2. The workouts are fun and easy to follow.
  3. The workouts are efficient and require minimal equipment (dumbells and an adjustable bench) and save a ton of time. Only 30-40 minutes are needed in each session.
  4. The book reads well and is organized and easy to follow.
  5. The workouts are suitable for men and women.
  6. The workouts are effective
  7. The 3 Phase system allows you to grow with the program meaning less investment from you on additional programs as you complete the phases. This course has excellent staying power.
  8. The overall content is good if not better than some higher priced programs
  9. 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


  1. The entire system is in downloadable PDF form. This is not a physical product. For some of us, this is fine, but I understand when someone wants a hard copy book or DVDs to view.
  2. There are no instructional videos. Each exercise is demonstrated well enough with pictures, but a nice touch would be video demonstrations.
  3. Steve and Becky spend some time on the topic of nutrition and give great advice, pointers, and even sample meal plans. This will work for most people, but I would really like to this section expanded upon because eating right is an elusive subject for a lot of us.

How Can You Benefit From This Workout Program?

The benefits you can expect from this program are astounding. This is not a fluff-filled publication of rehashed junk. The information contained inside is well delivered, it will motivate you to stick to the plan, and dedicate the time and effort to achieve real results.

The content of this system is comprehensive enough to help you achieve high levels of physical fitness. Just pick your goal and follow the plans. Realizing an attractive youthful appearance is an eventual reality if you commit to yourself.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Thanks for taking the time to read through my review. I believe this program, is a solid performer and stacks-up very well against programs costing 2 to 3 times as much.

The workout image demonstrations serve well enough for you to learn the exercises, and the somewhat sparse nutrition and diet information is not a deal breaker by any means. There is enough information outlined in the course to keep most of us totally satisfied. I just happen to be a detail freak – so forgive me there.

The F4X protocol outlined in this course is very good method that is easy to follow. It is sure to help you build lean strong muscle and burn fat; whether you are a guy or gal or over the age of 40. Are you younger than that? This system applies to you as well.

For the 20 bucks – I’ve added this program to my library and arsenal of go to guides. How about you?


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