Can You Get Max Workouts Free?

It is not uncommon for fitness experts with detailed training programs to offer snippets of free information.  Very often, these freebies are cleverly used as teasers to entice us into wanting additional information that will help us achieve our goals.  In order to do that, we are then persuaded, sometimes even tricked, into purchasing their main and often very expensive product.

While this technique is the norm for many health-related products, there are times when we are given advice about max workouts freely, and that free information is stellar in its own right so that it can be applied without the need for immediate additional packages.  Shin Ohtake’s ‘Lean Body Kick-Start’ strategy is one such program.

What Is The Lean Body Kick-Start Program?

Just to be clear, this free program is a pre-cursor to the Max Workouts paid complete program ($39.95) for high intensity workouts.  That said, this free offering, which is available at the same website, is a very detailed introduction to the core elements of the main program.  It is delivered as a five day email series that requires you to subscribe for access.

The daily emails will then link you to the site’s max workouts free pages.  There is a separate page of information for men and women, and each day addresses a key training component that is not only crucial to achieving maximum workouts results, but which demonstrates through video the concepts and exercises that make up the main product. This allows you to try them yourself before committing to the paid program.

What Is The Max Workouts Free Concept?

The core principle of the Lean Body Kick-Start Program is to introduce you to the concept of working many muscle groups within the one workout routine.  While most workout courses and trainers rely on multiple isolated movements to exercise individual muscle groups, the max workouts free strategy is based on a range of full body functional exercises.

By recruiting as many muscles as possible to work at the one time, the body is stimulated to release the necessary hormones for burning fat and increasing lean muscle quickly and more efficiently than by traditional workout techniques.

The intention of the Lean Body Kick-Start Program is to provide you with insider knowledge for pushing through fitness plateaus when your exercise gains have come to a halt.  It does this by walking you through exercises and examples that are generally not known about or discussed in mainstream fitness media.

The max workouts free program specifically reveals;

  • Demonstrations of exercises that create serious body definition

  • Thirty minute techniques that super-charge any workout

  • The fastest way to six pack abs

  • Cardio intensity techniques that prevent soreness and joint stress

  • Exercise routine changes to maintain a responsive body

To complete the free program instruction, Shin also reveals the nutrition secrets that he uses to boost his metabolism, as well as which foods to avoid in order to drop extra pounds and retain a body that works at maximum energy levels.

Where Can You Get Your Free Copy?

The Lean Body Kick-Start Program is a max workouts free instructional course that primes you for engaging in high intensity exercises.  It is a start-up program that introduces you to the benefits of what can be achieved by enrolling in the complete paid Max Workouts system. It manages to do so however in a way that does not ‘sell’ anything to you, but instead includes core concepts that are covered in enough depth to be actionable in their own right.