Max Workouts for Women

For the ladies reading this, would you be offended if you noticed in a fitness resource, descriptions like ‘muffin top’ or ‘spare tire’?  What if that commentary then called it like it really is and reminded you that those are phrases for someone who is just plain fat?

Well, this is exactly the insight used in Shin Ohtake’s Max Workouts program, but it’s not done so in a taunting or ridiculing manner.

In fact, Shin reveals on his Max Workouts for Women website why fat accumulates and why it’s difficult to remove, and then introduces you to his system for getting back on the body shaping track and into your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

The Max Workouts for Women Difference

Many workout and calorie-burning resources reveal their information and advice as a one-sized, ready to go package.  Their diet and exercise insights are attached to an expectation that what happens to men is also the same for women.

Rather than helping females to understand just why they may be shapelier in certain areas, the courses lack the detail to explain the obvious differences in influences.

This trend however, is reversed in the Max Workouts program which shares Shin’s knowledge of the mistakes that sabotage a female’s workouts, and the correct way in which to use circuit training, strength and high intensity workouts in order to achieve maximum fat loss and much improved muscle tone.

Exposing the Women’s Workout Myths

While the Max Workouts program can be applied by both sexes, it is the explanations provided that makes this program achievable for women.  All too often, the female health and fitness market is influenced by endorsed celebrity regimes that push the latest trimming gadgets, and promise impossible timelines for re-shaping overweight and under-toned bodies.

Insult is then added to injury with magazines boasting one week fixes and crash diets in order to make a sale. Very often, the bombardment of information leads to confusion as to what females should eat, how they should workout and even worse, feelings of failure when they follow one of the hyped routines without results.

Max Workouts for Women Results

The first thing you will learn with this program is to drop the ‘little pink dumbbells’ that you use for fear of gaining bulk.  The course explains that women do not have the testosterone to produce that kind of gain and that by using weights in the cardio-strength portion of the program, the results will be a fit and toned body that now comprises the lean muscle that it needs to consistently burn away the calories and fat.

These results will be attained from a range of 40 full body exercises that stimulate all major muscle groups using functional movements with minimal equipment.  As Shin explains, “just because you’re a woman” does not mean that you need to restrict yourself to balance boards and Pilates.  By following the Max Workouts high intensity combinations of repetitions, speed and intervals, your entire body learns to torch the calories and shred the fat.

Is This Fitness Program For You?

The Max Workouts program is workable for both men and women and illustrates the exercises and sequences that produce the best results.  To learn why these exercises are important and how they work for women, the recommended starting point is to familiarize yourself with the website’s free kick-start email program. This 5 day lesson acts like a precursor to understanding your body, and explains exactly how the high-intensity routines of the main program will transform a lasting and healthy body shape.