Max Workouts 90 Day Fitness Program

The days of long workout sessions at the gym have lost their appeal.  The new trend in exercise is one that closely follows the pattern of life – fast, busy and flexible.  Static routines no longer cut it, and training just one body part is now tedious and time-consuming.

People want and expect simple, workable steps that yield noticeable results quickly.  This was also the thinking of Tokyo-born Shin Ohtake, the creator of the Max Workouts 90 Day  Fitness Program, a system designed to help anyone achieve their performance goals in faster time with more efficient training.

What is the Max Workouts Program?

The Max Workouts 90 Fitness Program is a ‘system’ that applies high intensity interval training (HIIT) levels to push people beyond their current fitness plateaus.  By enforcing exercises at maximum intensity, results from working out are accelerated beyond traditional cardio and weight lifting methods.

The principle idea is that a person’s physique will only improve beyond its current level when it is stressed during exercise. It is this result that the program aims for by maximizing the body’s calorie burning potential and nervous system stimulation for increasing both fitness and strength.  The extent to which you will burn fat and build lean muscle will depend on how intensely you ‘hit’ the exercises, something that will be determined by your current fitness capabilities.

What Is the Max Workouts 90 Day Fitness Program?

As the name suggests, this is a 90 day fitness program that demands maximum exercise intensity.  Workouts are kept to a maximum of just 30 minutes, and comprise three strength training sessions per week, interval cardio on alternate days, and a rest day on Sunday.  There are four levels of training, each one taking three weeks to complete.

Each level has specific and measurable goals from their combined strength, circuit and interval routines which are scalable to the person’s level of fitness.  You do not need to be fit to commence the program, but you are expected to make small progressions as a minimum in your level of fitness.  Even small steps achieved with maximum intensity will produce significant results at the end of the program.

Each level in the program comprises three to four exercises which are performed in sequence.  There is no rest period between them, and you have completed a single round once you finish all exercises. You can take a one minute break after each round, and in the second and third week of the level, you will be increasing the weight and reducing your rest period between each round.

All workouts are preceded by a series of five repeatable ‘dynamic warm-up’ exercises.  There is no rest in the cardio interval either, with six workouts given that require up to a minute’s worth of 90 per cent cardio effort prior to a minute’s low cardio intensity, repeated anywhere up to 24 times.

Bottom line: Max Workouts is a very effective program.

What Equipment Is Needed For Max Workouts?    

There is minimal equipment required to work the program. The Max Workouts system relies heavily on utilizing body mass from compound movements that include press-ups, pull-ups, deadlifts and squats.  This emphasis on multi-joint workouts is to utilize a number of the body’s muscle groups at the same time, which according to Shin is more effective in burning calories and assisting with balance. The only equipment needed therefore is a set of dumbbells as a minimum, however it is recommended that for home workouts a barbell and pull-up bar would be beneficial.

Is Max Workouts The Right Program For You?

The Max Workouts 90 Fitness Program is not for the faint of heart. While the short bursts of exercise are great motivators for action, it is the levels on intensity that make the results painful, yet worthwhile. Intensity, along with quality of form, is key to successfully completing the system.

The program is presented in ebook format with exercise techniques displayed by photo, and a bonus report on fat loss dieting for added body-shaping effect. There is also an opportunity to extend your training during or after the program, however we recommend that you start first with the basics, discover your own personal intensity, and commit to completing each level before over-doing it early in the program.