Is This Another Shaun T Insanity Workout Reviews?

This is hardly an Insanity workout program review, but I often get a lot of questions about what is included in the Insanity workout and where a listing of the DVDs can be found. I pulled together a quick, but comprehensive summary of all the Insanity videos that you can expect to find in the program. It’s worth noting also, that the DVDs are available separately from Beach Body and Amazon if you find one or two favorites.

What Exactly Is The Insanity Program?

I promised that this is not a review, but it’s important to let folks who have not heard about Insanity, what exactly it is. In a nutshell, the Insanity fitness program was developed by fitness legend Shaun T. to help people burn fat and achieve that ever elusive 6 pack of abs. There are countless testimonials available on line, through review sites, and the Beach Body website itself.

Insanity grew in popularity to become the most loved series of workout DVDs. Take heed though, that the workouts are not for the feint-of-heart. Each Insanity video workout lasts close to 60 minutes and is packed full of high intensity interval training style workouts (Shaun calls it: Max Interval Training) that are akin to what you would do in a cross fit class room or gym from the luxury of your own home.

Is There An Insanity Workouts Exercise List?

insanity workout dvd list

Max Interval Training

Some people have questions with regard to whether there is an exercise list for this workout program, but given that it is DVD-based, the workouts are outlined, and sequenced according to the type of activity required to maximize fat loss.

That said, most of the workouts run you through a series of fast-paced sessions that keep your heart racing and body guessing as to what is coming next. Fortunately, over a week or so, you will become adapted to the the DVDs, from a perspective of what to expect next. In other words, I am saying that my first week or so was a bit awkward and it took at least one round through each DVD in the series to get in the follow of things.

As for the exercises, there are a lot of common ones that you would expect, but don’t expect sit-ups to build your abs. They will be worked plenty with exercises like the Heisman, ski-abs, jump tucks, and plank punches.

The Insanity Workout DVD List You Have Been Searching For:

At any rate, here is the listing of Insanity DVDs that come with the course, and just remember that they can be found at the Beach Body site or Amazon as a single DVD if you are looking for replacements, singles to add to your collection, or the whole set.

insanity workout dvd list

The Complete Listing of Insanity DVDs

List Insanity DVDs:

  1. PLYOMETRICS: Leg and glute building
  2. UPPER BODY RESISTANCE: Arm, chest, shoulder and back sculpting and toning.
  3. PURE CARDIO:  Max Interval Training for all-out fat burn.
  4. CARDIO ABS: Serious core work for ultra developed abs.
  5. RECOVERY: A great recovery session that is done weekly.
  6. MAX INTERVAL CIRCUIT: This is the toughest of the Insanity interval workouts.
  7. MAX INTERVAL PLYO: Expect your legs to get seriously burnt-out with this leg-punishing routine.
  8. MAX CARDIO CONDITIONING: Another extreme max interval cardio workout to help burn more fat.
  9. MAX RECOVERY: This is a somewhat extended version of the Recovery DVD..
  10. Bonus DVD: Core Cardio & Balance: This workout is packed with sports drills to get you moving like an athlete..
  11. Bonus DVD: Fit Test:  This DVD helps you guage progress over the weeks to see how much you are improving. I would not use this as a stand alone personally, but with the program its a great added feature.

That my friends, is the entire listing of Insanity DVDs and I hope that you found it to be a useful and helpful reference. Good luck out there, train hard and stay fit! Also if you are looking for more information about this workout check out the official website. The Insanity workout is still the top program for burning fat and toning lean muscle.

click here for the official Insanity workout website.

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