Want to know how to prevent a yeast infection?

Preventative measures are far easier to follow than waiting until a yeast infection occurs to treat the problem. Preventing yeast infections isn’t a lot of work and is something anyone with a compromised immune system or that is on medications will want to follow.

The following 6 tips will show you how to prevent candida albicans.

1.    Choose Your Underwear Wisely

Women have to worry about vaginal yeast infections. These infections are not only embarrassing, but they are also very uncomfortable. As a woman, it’s important to know that the wrong underwear can be the cause of all of your issues.

You want to wear:

  • Cotton underwear
  • Underwear with a cotton crotch

Party-liners are a big no-no. Cotton is unlike other materials and will not encourage the growth of yeast. The moist environment from a woman’s normal discharge will cause the yeast to grow faster, leading to a yeast infection.

If you have recurring vaginal yeast infections, your underwear may be to blame.

1.    Avoid Tight Clothes

Jeans and pants that are too tight may be in style, but they are also the perfect way to get a yeast infection. These tight-fitting pants produce excess heat and do not allow enough airflow to enter the pants to keep the vaginal area cool.

Loose clothing – or certain materials that allow for better airflow – is recommended.

2.    Take Probiotics

Good bacteria will ward off yeast infections and is very good for a person’s digestive tract. A probiotic is something that a person can take or drink to ensure that their body’s digestive tract is filled with good-for-you bacteria.

These come in the forms of pills or thick drinks that are similar to yogurt in texture and taste.

A study out of Italy had women place probiotic pills directly in the vagina to see if it helped cure the yeast infection. Infections dropped by a whopping 87% and were conducted over a 3 week period. These are women that had recurring yeast infections. You don’t need to go to this extreme to help your yeast infection problems. Instead, start with a healthy diet.

You can also eat yogurt, which will work just like a probiotic.

Any way that you can boost your body’s immune system will help. There are a lot of supplements meant to help boost your immune system and foods that can help as well. It never hurts to boost your immune system even if you don’t have yeast infections.

3.    Follow a Proper Diet

One of the easiest tips on how to prevent yeast infections is also the one that many people ignore: diet. Your diet plays a major role in the development of a yeast infection and may be the main cause of recurrence.

The issue is that there are a lot of diet elements that may be causing the problem. This is a topic that is thoroughly discussed in a publication called Yeast Infection No More.

Certain foods, such as milk, inhibit bacteria growth and can lead to a yeast infection in extreme cases. However, it may not be one single food that is causing the problem, and the food that enhances your yeast growth may be different than what others experience.

Diet allergens are a major cause of yeast infections.

Foods that do not agree with the body will cause adverse chemical reactions to occur. This means that your body may start producing too much candida, which will result in overflow and eventually, a yeast infection.

A simple allergy test may be all that’s needed to determine the foods that are causing your issues.

You can also eat foods that fight off infections, such as:

  • Probiotics
  • Yogurt
  • Foods rich in antioxidants
  • Nuts
  • Whole grains
  • Greens

There are also many spices that will make your food taste great while also helping ward off yeast infections. Oregano is one of the spices that is known to help prevent yeast infections.

4.    Take Anti-Yeast Supplements

One of the best candida albicans prevention and treatment methods is to take supplements. It makes sense – right? Your body is undergoing a change that is causing an overflow of candida, which eventually leads to a yeast infection.

A main cause of yeast infections is immune deficiencies.

When the immune system isn’t able to fight off infections, they spread and come back time and time again. It’s a major problem but one that is able to be managed in most cases.

Note: Immune diseases, disorders, pregnancy and certain medical conditions may require a doctor’s approval before taking any anti-yeast supplements.

A few of the best-known anti-yeast supplements include:

  • Olive leaf extract
  • Candigest
  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Oregano oil

The body is very complex and complicated. While you may be eager to run out of the house and buy these products immediately, you need to know that the body will adapt to these supplements. Essentially, you will need to rotate between the supplements to ensure maximum anti-yeast protection at all times.

Yeast Infection No More has a whole section that covers how to properly rotate supplements and more importantly, which supplements you should take – a lot that we didn’t list.

5.    Make Lifestyle Changes

Your lifestyle plays a big role in every aspect of your life. Not only does your lifestyle dictate your happiness, but it also leads to good – or bad – health. There are small lifestyle changes that everyone can make.

Want to know how to prevent a yeast infection?

  • Sleep more. You want to sleep between 7 and 8 hours every night. View your recommended sleep time by age.
  • De-stress. Stress that you put on the body will cause your body to wear down. Do something to de-stress every day. This can be as simple as meditating or going out for a run.
  • Enhance your hygiene. Daily showers are recommended. This will keep many external factors that lead to candida overflow at bay.
  • The proper diet is recommended so that you don’t enhance bacteria growth or lower your body’s pH levels too far.

Preventative measures can ward off yeast infections so that you stay healthy and happy all year long. Find out how you can ward-off yeast infections in our total review of Yeast Infection No More.