The Most Comprehensive Flex Belt Reviews:

Thirty minutes of non-strenuous ab-defining contractions is all you need to achieve the washboard abs you want. This isn’t a gimmick or another pill. It is all done by the FDA-cleared Flex Belt. We’re going to provide the most thorough assessment, so you never need to read Flex Belt reviews again – you’ll know it all.

Does the Flex Belt Really Work?

Can a belt really help you get abs? This is the exact same question I had before trying this belt for myself. It’s a little different and perhaps a little misleading, but it does work well.

Why is it misleading?

You’re not going to look like Denise Richards or get a 6-pack if you’re 100 pounds overweight and aren’t trying to lower your body fat levels. However, if you’re trying to build up your abdominal muscles and are following a proper diet, this is a shortcut to reaching your goals.

The Flex Belt can’t compensate for a bad diet, but it can make the ultimate 6-pack a reality.

So, What Does It Do?

This medical-grade toning technology for men and women will:

  • Tone your abs
  • Increase fat burning in the abdominals
  • Build strength

Based on a study by Dr. John Porcari, over a 6-week period, people stated:

  • Their abs were more toned and firm.
  • The firmness of ab muscles increased,

The science behind this revolutionary way to tone your abs has been around for decades. If you’ve ever been in physical therapy, you’ll have heard of TENS units before. What these units do is sent an electrical pulse to your nerves that contract your muscles. Now, using a patented EMS muscle stimulation technology, you can build your ab muscles.

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How Does The Flex Belt Ab Toning Belt Work?

flext belt

The Flex Belt Ab Toning Belt Kit Contains Everything You Need For Toned Abs

One of the Flex Belt benefits that often goes overlooked is time. When you have to add ab workouts into your weight lifting routine, you’ll need to either:

  • Go to the gym more
  • Spend more time at the gym

If you’re someone that can barely make it to the gym as-is, it can be really hard to find the extra time needed for a strong core.

Users will find that the Flex Belt is as easy as it gets when it comes to training your abs. Essentially, all you have to do is:

  • Strap the belt around your core
  • Set the contraction strength

Now, you simply sit back and let the belt do all of the work. The manufacturers recommend that you wear this belt for 30 minutes at a time to achieve the best results.

During your 30-minute session, you’ll start to feel the muscle contractions. This is your actual muscles engaging due to the electric stimulation. Think of it as flexing your ab muscles so that the muscle fibers break down and blood can flow into the muscle tissue. Over time, the fibers break down and heal, forming bigger, stronger muscles.

The one thing I truly liked about this product is that you can adjust the intensity. So, the first week or so, keep the settings low, and move them up as you progress. This allows you to see results for months instead of weeks. On the highest level, you’ll really feel the stimulation in your abs and will be quite sore the next day. I highly recommend you move your way up through the intensity levels slowly for best results.

Flex Belt Pros and Cons

I can’t tell you that there are no Flex Belt complaints, but I want to be honest with you. No matter what product I’ve ever tried, there has been some complaint, or something I would have liked to be a little different.

Before I tell you about the cons of this device, I want you to know what people did like.


  • Easy-to-use from the first day.
  • Provides great results under the right conditions.
  • Saves you a lot of extra time in the gym.
  • Tones, firms and strengthens abs.
  • People complained that they didn’t get a 6-pack.
  • Results take time and don’t happen overnight.


People seem to have the assumption that once they put on this belt, they’ll lose 6 pant sizes and look like a fitness model. Unfortunately, this is not the case – at all. Right on the manufacturer’s website, they state that having a healthy diet and exercise are the keys to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

What’s also stated? The Flex Belt is meant to give a person with a healthy lifestyle an edge to reach their goals faster.

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The Real No-Nonsense Benefits

You have goals that you want to reach just like I have fitness goals. You always need goals and milestones to be able to hold yourself accountable. When you strap on this belt, you’ll have over 150 muscle contractions – roughly the same or more than a normal ab workout.

What’s truly amazing is that this belt works your:

  • Upper abs
  • Lower abs
  • Obliques

These are the three main muscle groups that ultimately form your abs with the hardest to work always being your lower abs.

What you will get is:

  • Stronger, more defined abs
  • Sore after each session
  • Results that you can see within 3 – 4 weeks

It takes little effort to put on your belt and let the electric muscle stimulation do its job. In all honesty, it feels like cheating, but it does work wonders. You can even see the results on the manufacturer’s website.

See the before and after results for yourself.

This system is under $200, so it is highly affordable. You’ll also want to note that you’ll need to buy gel pad replacements. This is needed to ensure that the electric conductivity can easily flow through the belt and into your abdominal muscles. These are very nominal in price and last for 20 – 30 sessions.

Since it’s recommended to use this system daily, you’ll have to replace your gel pads once a month.

When you purchase the Flex Belt, you’ll also receive free bonus material, such as:

  • Online meal planning technology (30-day access)
  • A year subscription to Elle, Maxim or Fitness magazine

The meal planning technology is a $50 value and is top notch. If you are trying to eat healthy, this is a major time saver and will help you achieve sculpted abs even faster.

There are also accessories that can be purchased to tone your arms and butt. I haven’t tried these personally, but I am sure they work just as good as the Flex Belt.

All of this is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t see results in 60 days, you can return the Flex Belt for a full refund.

The Real Deal

When I first read Flex Belt reviews, I was sure this was another gimmick and really wouldn’t work. After trying the belt for myself, I could definitely notice a difference in my ab definition and firmness.

If you combine this product with exercise and a healthy diet, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a firm, flat stomach. If you already have abs and want them to be more defined, you’ll find that this is the real deal and is truly meant for your level of body fat. For rehabilitation and muscle strengthening, the Flex Belt works wonders.

If you want a faster, more efficient way to get rock hard abs, it doesn’t get any better than the Flex Belt.

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