Does Max Workouts Work?

With so many fitness and exercise programs on the market, it’s difficult to know which one to take on and potentially risk losing both time and money with nothing to show for it.  Now more than ever online shoppers are relying on the reputation of programs and the reviews of others to guide them into making a committed decision.

The selected workout schedule on offer must not only be time-efficient, it must also produce noticeable results within a very short time frame.  One system that claims to meet these requirements is a popular high-intensity training program for getting lean and ripped within just 90 days.  As appealing as that sounds, it is reasonable to ask the question; does Max Workouts by Shin Ohtake work?

The Max Workouts Program

For those not yet familiar with the Max Workouts program, it is a system of workouts that requires very high intensity exercises using a combination of strength and interval cardio sessions across four building levels in three weekly durations.  Workouts can be scaled and should produce improvements each week.

Exercise routines are progressive, but are also adjustable to prevent the body from adapting to them and in turn producing diminishing returns regardless of effort.  This is the first strength of the Max Workouts program.  The body is tricked into regularly adjusting to new 3 weekly cycles, meaning that it is continually being trained to build lean muscle and lose body fat.

The Strength of the System

The principle behind the program is that our workout patterns should mirror the way the body is used in regular routines.  Instead of using a singular muscle group, the system focuses on exercises that stimulate a large group of muscles at the same time.  This technique produces faster results because the exercises are functional by nature which optimizes the body for maximum calorie burning, and stimulates the nervous system to increase levels of fitness and strength.

This robust combination of impacts on the body pushes it through any conditioning plateaus so that workout performance can continue to be taken to the next level.

Does it really work?  

The Max Workouts program has additional specific advantages that support Shin’s claims of a 100 per cent success rate with personal clients.  The workout routines are short in duration, which means that they retain motivation for longer than many other programs.  There is very little equipment required, so the exercise can be performed at home with dumbbells and a pull-up bar across a door.

There are no fancy pills or fad diets included, and the routines are performed over 3 weekly cycles, meaning that boredom is not an issue to producing fast results.  Exercises are demonstrated by photo as a minimum which eliminates any concerns about incorrect form and reduced outcomes.

The advantages that the program provides are essential for ensuring that people remain motivated to completing the 90 day period.  After all, there is little chance of it working if users stop applying it at any point before completion.  The proof, therefore, is in the feedback that the program receives from those who have lasted the distance and measured their results.

Both the webpage and program ebook are littered with satisfied participants who make some impressive claims regarding higher energy levels, stronger bodies, improved and shapely physiques, and greater confidence and self-esteem as a result.

The program itself is practiced by Shin’s wife, which is probably why so many women are also attracted to it and marvel at their results.  To ensure that such glowing testimonials were not just limited to the owner’s online assets, we did some of our own private research and found independent blog owners who were also praising their results from using the program.


The Max Workouts program provides a really solid base from which to start or change your workout habits for burning calories and shredding the fat.  The principle behind the concept of working large muscle groups instead of isolated repetitive movements is well explained, so that each potential participant has a strong understanding of what to expect prior to taking up the training. If you are on the fence, you can always check-out the free Max Workouts intro book here.

The system is relevant to both men and women, and from the feedback that is available online, it is successful for anyone regardless of sex, current body shape, energy levels or previous programs and experience undertaken.  With such a large fan base and glowing support, the Max Workouts program is certainly worth putting to the test.