These Killer Core Workouts for Women Work

You are doing core workouts for women – designed specifically for women – yet you’re not seeing results. The truth is that you may have the strongest abs on the planet, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have a 6-pack. In fact, you’ll be far from it if you’re not burning away the fat that is covering your chiseled abs.

We’re going to cover 4 tips to help you obliterate fat.

1.    Do Complex Movements

Sit-ups are simply counter-intuitive. They help you target your abdominal muscles, but that’s it. You’ll be straining your neck in the process and burning as little calories as possible. Instead, you’ll want to do complex movements that will allow you to:

  • Target your abs.
  • Target other muscles.
  • Burn more calories.
  • Boost your metabolism.

The best core exercises for women are found in 6 Minutes to Skinny. Why? They’re natural movements that don’t require weight and really target your abdominal section.

I can’t tell you all of them, but I can let you in on one of my favorites: cross body mountain climbers.

Cross Body Mountain Climbers

While in a push up position, you’ll be bring your knee towards your opposite elbow and back down. This will work your oblique muscles and your upper and lower abdominals in the process.

What’s great about this exercise is:

  • You’ll be in a push up position working your chest and arms.
  • You’ll be working on a functional movement.
  • You’ll target various core muscles instead of just one main section.

It’s a hard exercise to do, but it’s one of the best core exercises for women.

2.    Follow Metabolic Cycles

There’s a reason that people recommend that you workout in the morning if you want to see results. Your body slows to a crawl when you go to sleep because your body requires far less energy when sleeping to function – it’s a fact.

So, your metabolism when you wake up is already lowered.

Normally, people eat a big meal in the morning and go on throughout their day while their metabolism kicks into overdrive. It takes a while, so fat burning potential is lessened along the way.

Working out in the morning – even for just 4 minutes – helps your body boost your metabolism.

Taking this a step further, your body will actually be burning more calories throughout the entire day because you have kick-started it in the morning. This should be a major wakeup call for you.

Another great benefit is that your body will burn more fat because you’re exercising on an empty stomach. It’s the perfect balance of losing weight and using science to your advantage. If you want to push it a step further, you can follow what 6 Minutes to Skinny recommends and have a smoothie following your workout. This will feed your body metabolism-boosting foods.

With a faster metabolism, you’ll shed the fat that is covering your abs.

3.    Go for Intensity – Not Length

I have a lot of friends that live in the gym. One friend actually spends 3 to 4 hours in the gym and isn’t seeing any results. Sure, she is working hard, but she is spreading her workout so long that the intensity level is simply not there.

The truth is that you don’t need to work your core day and night.

In fact, you only need to work your core for a few minutes a day. The real secret is that you have to ramp up your efforts to truly see results. Think about it for a second. When doing bicep curls for example, you’re supposed to go up in 1 second and down in 2 seconds for proper form. That means you can complete 2 complete sets in just 60 seconds.

If you’re targeting a huge muscle group like your abs, you’ll be hitting a variety of muscles during every exercise.

In just 4 straight minutes of working out, you could complete 8 complete sets of ab workouts. For the abdominals, this is a lot of sets. Since you’re fierce and did it straight through without stopping, you burned more calories and kicked your metabolism into overdrive at the same time.

It’s about the quality of your workout and not the quantity.

Core workouts for women need to:

  • Fit into a person’s schedule
  • Work the entire core
  • Produce results.

With the 6 Minutes to Skinny program, all of these points are covered. You can tone your stomach, so you’re beach body ready.

I won’t lie. Even with the absolute best core workout for women, you’ll need to follow a good diet. Diet is everything – honestly. If you won’t follow a good diet, you’ll never see the results you want.

4.    Seriously Monitor Your Diet

The final tip is one that doesn’t even deal with your core. Instead, it deals with one of the most neglected parts of every core training program: your diet. If you’re not monitoring your diet, no matter how good it is, you’re missing a vital step in your success.

Every person’s body is different.

I might need 1,800 calories a day to lose weight, and you might need to have a 1,400 calorie diet to lose weight. The truth is that it’s impossible to know how many calories your body needs if you’re not tracking your food intake along the way.

It makes sense right? If you’ve been doing core exercises for women at home and following a strict diet but are not seeing results, you’ll need to adjust your food intake. But, most people don’t remember what they ate two weeks ago for lunch – I don’t. I can barely remember what I ate two days ago.

Monitoring your diet is essential to losing weight and getting the defined core that you want.

There are many ways to do this. I recommend doing one of the following:

  • Keeping a detailed, good journal of all the foods you eat and daily caloric intake.
  • Using MyFitnessPal to help you track your food and calorie intake online.

Monitoring your diet will allow you to adjust your calorie needs if you hit a plateau and helps you maintain accountability for your eating habits. Be sure to follow these 4 tips for core workouts for women and carve a lean, toned stomach. Click here to find out how 6 Minutes to Skinny can help you sculpt and tone your core in just a few minutes per workout.